Chalk Painted Frame

Chalk Paint is taking the decor and furniture world by storm. We’ve climbed on the wagon and chosen to stock a range of the incredible Granny B’s Old Fashioned Paint


We found this very plain raw pine frame and decided to ‘chalk’ it. There are so many amazing techniques that can be used to transform furniture into signature pieces in your home. Here is a fun and easy one that you can use:




What you will need:

-A frame (previously painted or raw wood – no need to sand/prime)
-Granny B’s Old Fashioned Chalk Paint (can be purchased HERE) – I used Daisy and Hurricane
-A sponge or any other paint brush
-Old cloth
-Newspaper to work on


IMG_2176 copy




1) Using a sponge or paint brush, apply a coat of paint to the wood. We used Daisy.

Remember that you do not need any priming – even if the frame is already painted.




2) Leave the paint to dry for about 30 mins and apply another coat of the same colour.

Leave it to dry and apply a third coat if needed.




3) Once your ‘under layer’ colour has cured for about an hour, you can apply a your second colour. This is the colour that will remain in the grooves and detailing of your frame to add dimension and character.




4) Before the paint has dried completely, take a slightly damp cloth and gently wipe the top layer of paint. Be careful not to wipe too hard or have the cloth to wet as it will remove too much of the paint and will remove the paint underneath as well. In this case less is more.


If you feel that you have removed too much, you can always repaint and try again.




This is what your frame should look like. As you can see there are a few places when I removed the white as well but I quite like it. If you would like to achieve this effect, you can also sand it lightly in the places you would like the raw wood to show though.






If you would like to preserve your frame you can now apply a finishing product such as the waxing cream or matt satin lacquer.


IMG_2259 copy


Have fun and please email us pictures of any pieces that you paint :)

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