Cupboard Revamp using Chalk Paint

I have this old TV Cabinet gathering dust and looking very tired.  It was time for a makeover!  Cotton Candi Chalk Paint to the rescue. I did this project over two Saturday mornings.  So it could easily been done in one day.

What you will need : 

  • A tired dusty cupboard/TV stand
  • 250ml Cotton Candi Chalk Paint (which you can buy here https://cottoncandi.co.za/product/slate-chalkboard-paint-250ml/ ) in a colour of your choice.  I used Silver.
  • A sponge roller paint brush and paint pan
  • A small narrow paint brush for grooves and corners
  • Ceramic door knobs.  You can get these at most interior decor shops (I got mine from Beachsand in the Long Beach Mall, Noordhoek)


  • Clean the surface well.  I used water and Handy Andy
  • No need to sand off any old paint or varnish
  • Using the chalk paint, paint a thin layer over the article
  • Leave to dry (it really doesn’t take long to dry)
  • Use the small paint brush to fill in the corners and anywhere the roller missed
  • Once completely dry give it a second coat
  • I had to drill bigger holes for the door knobs to fit (make sure the thread on the door knob will be long enough to screw in, I had to exchange the grey and white stripe for another floral as the thread was too short)

And there you have it, as easy as that.  I am going to use the cupboard in our guest room. I painted an old framed mirror to make it a dressing table. If you have revamped any furniture using chalk paint please let us know.  We would love to see some pics.

Happy painting….

Use these alternative colours:

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