How to washi tape furniture in 3 easy steps

We all love washi tape crafts!  I revamped a his and hers tray in 3 easy steps!

Sometimes I get bored of certain pieces of furniture.  It’s not that they are bad or broken just a bit tired.   What better way to add some life to an item by using washi tape.  It can add texture or a pop of colour (and it’s super addictive!). Here is our easy way of adding some life to a his and hers tray set.

What you will need 

1. First things first…..

I painted the tray and left it to dry completely (I actually left it for about a week before doing the next step)

2. Choose your Favourite Washi Tape

I then stuck the washi tape down. I used a craft knife to cut the ends to ensure a straight line.  If the design layout is not too complicated a small pair scissors will do.

Make sure the washi tape is firmly stuck to the tray. 

3. Time for a little Podge!

After you have completed your design, simply paint the podge over the washi tape.  I only painted the washi tape with the podge, not the entire tray. The podge dries very quickly, you might want to leave it for a day or two before using the tray.

It is as easy as that! 

We would love to see your washi tape revamps, share them in the comments below. The options are endless…

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