Inspiring words framed with washi tape

What you’ll need:

  • A4 prints of words that inspire (found on Pinterest)
  • Washi tape of your choice from www.cottoncandi.co.za

This project is quick, easy and inspiring. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and have a mooch around Pinterest, looking for words that inspire you (or the person you would like to inspire)

You can print words for your study, your kids room, your craft space, your kitchen and find the appropriate inspiration for that space…..

Print your choice words, here are ours


Then looking at the fonts and the colours, choose washi tape that compliments the posters


Choose which washi tape will go with which poster


Stick the chosen washi tape in squares around the inspiring quotes


Once the frames are stuck down, cut around the washi tape frame


Put a small blob of prestik on each corners of the framed washi poster and arrange them on your inspiration wall, in a place that works for you!


When you need fresh inspiration for a new season in your life, redo your wall, it’s easy and rewarding!







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