Our Top South African Instagram Bullet and Bible Journal accounts to follow

It’s the beginning of the year and you’ve decided to start your very own bullet journal. You bought the journal and some pens, maybe even some washi tape. But now your’e sitting there staring blankly at the empty page.

You are probably wondering where to start? Instagram accounts are a perfect place to find inspiration. We have found some fabulous local bullet and Bible Journal enthusiasts for you to follow. To perhaps connect with and to share ideas.

I reached out to these ladies and asked them how they got started and why. Has it changed their lives in anyway? Here are their Bujo journeys . . .


“I was inspired by the amount of stress in my life…. I was looking for a way to organize my life while using my stationery and being creative.  I felt being more organized and having time allocated to being creative would help distress me.  And then I stumbled on Bujo and the rest is history”.

Hilda started her Instagram account on the 1st of June 2019 her account is full of beautiful layouts and ideas. She also gives great tips on the best tools to use and where to buy them.



“My journal to me is my happy place, it’s a way of keeping my thoughts organised as well as a platform to be creative without it having to be perfect at the same time when you read back on it all you get to re live some special memories”. 

Tricia’s account is interspersed with pics of her gorgeous kitty and awesome layouts. Our journals are a window into our creative minds. There are no rules to bullet journaling you can use dot grids, line grids or simply use a notebook.



“I started bullet journaling because I felt a bit like I was stuck in a loop and not progressing in my life in general. I saw that bullet journaling had helped a lot of people keep track of and reach their goals.”

Mutsa’s Instagram account is simply delightful. Mutsa also has a very inspiring blog where you can find a beginners guide to bullet journaling https://lightandcandour.com/beginners-guide there are even free printables.



“I used to be very bad at using a diary, but when I saw a few videos in December 2018 that showed how a bujo can help you to keep yourself accountable when working towards a goal with trackers. I then started doing more research regarding the bullet journal system and the different ways in which it can be used to increase productivity. I also love how it is a creative outlet for me now”

Lennie’s account shows a variety of layouts which will inspire.



“I’ve been doing bullet journaling for 4 years now. But I’ve kept journals for almost my whole life I have a collection of 34 journals in my studio.

Keeping a journal is like creating a time capsule. I love looking back through them. They’re like windows into past lives

I started bullet journaling for health reasons. I became really sick and was finally diagnosed with a rare genetic disease. I needed to keep track of meds, symptoms, food etc. It was crazy. I discovered bullet journaling  and I knew it was the system I’d been looking for. The flexibility of the system and all the tracker options meant I could create the exact system that I needed. My health is better and under control now. I have scaled the amount of trackers etc. down. But I love knowing that I can add anything I need back again. An added and unexpected bonus has been the amazing creative outlet that its become for me. I think this system is amazing and I can highly recommend it.” 

Lelanie’s Instagram account is jam packed with creative ideas, it is just stunning. She also offers Bullet Journal workshops. If your’e serious about your bujo do get in touch with her!



“I got inspired mostly by @amandarachlee but also by the fact that I hadn’t found an efficient way to organize all of my thoughts. I just really loved the idea of creating something and changing it so it suits your personality and your lifestyle. I love being creative even though I’m not generally a creative person it’s also really really relaxing to just sit and bullet journal.”

Rachel appears to be our veteran Instagramer! Her account has been going since November 2018 so there are loads of posts with great layouts.



“I started bible journaling in 2016.  I was inspired by an Instagram post and immediately wanted to start!  There wasn’t much Bible Journaling going on in SA at the time so I decided to create an Instagram account in an effort to perhaps find some like-minded friends and grow an interest in it in South Africa.  Bible journaling combines two of my great loves Jesus and arts & crafts!  I find it is a fantastic way to get excited about getting into my Bible and spending time in the word and that it helps me to learn and remember verses because of the additional time spent studying and decorating the scriptures

I have been a Christian all my life, but as much as I tried, I never had a great longing to read my Bible – I read it because it was the right thing to do. Bible Journaling changed all that for me because it opened up the Bible to me in a new and colourful way. I see Bible journaling as creative worship. Bible journaling has really grown in the past few years and it is fantastic to see so many people are being encouraged to dig deeper into their Bibles. I now lead Bible journaling classes and workshops and I have made some truly amazing friends through this.  I encourage everyone to give it a try – even in a notebook if you don’t feel comfortable journaling in your bible.”

Taryn’s account is a combination of bullet and Bible journaling. It is full of encouragement and creativity. Definitely one to follow



“I started journaling because I love to draw and write and I really need to learn to be organised”

It seems to be a common theme, we all just want to be more organised. Follow Marion to see how she does it!


We hope that this inspires you to get creative with your journals. Let us know if you have come across any amazing local bullet journal accounts that you think we should follow. We would love to hear from you!

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