Upcycling with washi tape – Decor Circles

Upcycling with washi tape – Decor Circles

You will need

  • 4-5 rolls of select washi tape(designs that get you excited, and will suit the area you are planning to decorate)
  • Clean round lids of all sizes ( Ours varied from lids with an 11cm diameter to small coke lids)
  • A 12mm paintbrush (or whatever paintbrush you can find!)
  • White paint or primer
  • Prestik

To start off with, you need to envision where these ‘décor circles’ are going to go…..will they go in your daughters room? In the kitchen? Above the toilet? In the Entrance hall? We all have little spots in our houses that could do with some temporary décor upliftment…..

Once you know what spot YOU want to decorate, you can then select 4 to 5 washi tapes from www.cottoncandi.co.za which will be great for the space you have in mind

  1. Take your lids of all sizes (from coke bottle lids to gerkin jars to bigger lids) and make sure they are clean.

2. Paint all the lids white, they don’t have to be painted perfectly, the main thing is that any dark colour or writing on the lids is covered. You will probably need two coats



3. Once the lids are dry, you can have fun arranging the lids in different patterns to see what you feel works best and then assigning which washi tape you think should go where. There is no exact science here, it is purely by what you feel works best


4. Then place the washi tape over the lids like so, giving around 1,5cm on either side of the lid. You can tear washi tape, not need to cut it

Once the washi tape is covering the whole lid, work to fold the tape around and stick it down on the reverse side. Here you may have to massage a few bumps out, but washi tape is very ‘obliging’ it can get flattened nicely! Once the lids are covered, place them in a design you like



6. Turn them over and stick little blobs of prestik around the lid at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock. Try and make sure the prestik goes more towards the inside of the lid and you don’t have bits of prestik sticking out the edges


They are now ready to be stuck to the wall! Here is how we decided to arrange our décor circles.The nice thing about it is you can change it whenever, wherever, however, have fun!


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