Our Mission

CottonCandi News is dedicated to delivering the most accurate, timely, and comprehensive news coverage from across Africa. Our mission is to keep our audience informed about the latest events and developments that are shaping the continent. We strive to achieve this by providing a platform that not only reports on current affairs but also offers in-depth analyses and feature stories that shine a light on the unique dynamics of various African regions. Our aim is to bridge the information gap and foster a well-informed community both locally and internationally.

Our Story

The inception of CottonCandi News was driven by a need to present African stories through an authentic lens. Founded by Tyler Brandeis, our platform emerged as a response to the often under-reported yet crucial events happening across Africa. Established at the heart of Cape Town, the concept was born out of a passion for journalism and a desire to contribute positively to society by promoting transparency and accountability. Our journey started with a small team of dedicated journalists and has since grown into a renowned news source, trusted by many for its reliability and depth of coverage.

Meet the Team

CottonCandi News is powered by a diverse team of experienced journalists, editors, and analysts. Each member brings unique expertise and perspectives, contributing to the richness of our content. Our journalists are embedded in various regions across Africa, enabling us to provide firsthand accounts and coverage of events as they unfold. This diversity ensures that we capture a wide array of voices and stories, maintaining the integrity and impartiality of our reporting. Our editorial team works tirelessly to verify facts and present information in a balanced, unbiased manner.

What We Cover

Our scope of coverage is vast and inclusive of all major events and current affairs across the African continent. From political developments and economic trends to social issues and cultural highlights, CottonCandi News is your go-to source for multifaceted news. We also delve into feature stories that offer an in-depth look at the human stories behind the headlines. By highlighting both the struggles and triumphs within different communities, we aim to provide a holistic view of Africa's continuously evolving narrative.

Why Choose Us

In an age of information overload, CottonCandi News stands out by prioritizing accuracy, reliability, and depth. Our commitment to ethical journalism and rigorous fact-checking processes ensures that our audience receives news they can trust. We understand the importance of informed citizenship and the role that quality news plays in empowering individuals and communities. Whether you are a local resident or an international observer, our content is tailored to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of Africa's socio-political landscape.

Contact Us

We value our readers' feedback and encourage you to get in touch with us. Whether you have news tips, inquiries, or suggestions, we are here to listen. You can reach us at our office located at the District Six Museum, 25A Buitenkant St, Zonnebloem, Cape Town, or send us an email at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your support in our mission to deliver trustworthy news.